Fish as a food

Dietician daily

Fish is one of the most nutritious food available to mankind since prehistoric times. It is a high protein and low fat nutrient dense food which provides number of health benefits if regularly consumed. Fish is rich in omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as several minerals and vitamin including iodine , potassium, vitamin D and selenium.

Nutritional composition of fish

The nutritional value of fish vary according to location where it is harvested, the type of water, type of feed given, the cut and on the fish type . It also depends on the way it is cooked. The general overview of fish nutrition is given below;


Fish is a low calorie protein source, one serving of three ounce low fat fish such as cod contains less than 100 calories and high fat fish such as salmon, herring contains about 200 calories per three ounce.



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