Healthy Breakfast

Eating a balanced diet throughout a day is extremely important, especially starting your day with a healthy meal. One of the most important meal breakfast is widely ignored by large number of population due to lack of time and lack of interest in preparing meal immediately after getting up.

Breakfast helps to provides you with the energy needed to kickstart your daily routine. It has been observed that people who eat breakfast regularly are more active both physically and mentally and are less overweight as breakfast prevents hunger attacks at odd times and prevent from overeating junk and snacks. Breakfast helps to improve concentration and mood. Studies reveal that children who eat regular breakfast before coming to school are more active and have better concentration both in studies and extracurricular activities.

What is healthy breakfast?

A healthy breakfast provide you with one fourth of your daily nutrients requirements and contains one or more of the four basic food groups. Below are some basic tips to remember while preparing a healthy breakfast for individual and family needs.

  • Prefer wholegrain cereals in order to ensure optimum fiber intake . Wholegrain instant cereals are easy to prepare and are sometimes fortified with vitamins and minerals which contributes to your daily micronutrients requirements.
  • Avoid adding sugars in tea, coffee, milk and cereals.
  • Many people prefer white breads, muffins, buns , scones and other bakery products in the breakfast because of their taste and easy availability . These bakery products are full of refines carbohydrates, sugars and trans fatty acids which ultimately contributes to obesity, and other metabolic disorders. Try to limit these foods in breakfast. Read food labels carefully in order to have a clear picture of the hidden sugar and fat content in ready to eat cereals.
  • A serving of fresh fruits and vegetables or a hand full of nuts at the start of your day provides you with fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which boost your immune system and prevent from diseases.
  • 1 cup of low fat milk, yogurt or 2oz of cheese in breakfast provide you with proteins calcium, Phosphorus and vitamin B12. Calcium and phosphorus is needed for heathy bones. 1 cup of milk in breakfast provides you with 28% of your daily calcium and 18% of your daily phosphorus requirement.
  • Non dairy sources of protein such as eggs, lean cut meats and fish provides you with iron , proteins, vitamin b12 and folate and is extremely beneficial for school going children and individuals who are involved in extremely strenuous physical or mental activities.

Examples of healthy breakfast

  1. Wholewheat slice, boiled or poached egg, one fruit and a cup of low fat milk.
  2. Oatmeal ,porridge oats, or ready to eat unsweetened wholegrain cereals with low fat milk topped with nuts and fruits.
  3. Fruit smoothies with one fruit and low fat yogurt and toast topped with a thin layer of butter or coconut oil.
  4. A traditional chapatti or flat bread either stuffed with vegetables or with vegetables curry and yogurt.
  5. Mixed vegetables and mushrooms omelette with toast when you have a plenty of time especially on weekends and holidays.