Dental health and nutrition

Dietician daily

The diet and nutrition of an individual plays an important role in tooth development, oral health and in the management and prevention of oral diseases . The intake of different food directly affect teeth and oral tissues and in the same manner status of oral health affects the individuals ability to consume an adequate diet.

Dental caries

Dental caries is the term used for tooth decay and cavities. The microorganism present in oral environment or tooth surface reacts with the fermentable carbohydrates in foods or drinks and cause a drop in salivary PH to 5.5 and initiate the caries process.

The factors that contributes to developing dental caries and tooth decay in adults and children are

  • Frequent consumption of fermentable carbohydrates. For example high sugar foods, fruit juices , soft drinks, desserts, cookies and cakes.
  • Duration of exposure of sugary foods to teeth which in-turn decreases the PH and causes…

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